AR and wearables to streamline warehouse operations and improve efficiency.

The transport sector is no stranger to emerging technologies. From telematics to automated warehouses, transport and logistics operators have been enthusiastic users of new ideas. And most businesses in the sector know further change is coming. The challenge is to get ready without overstretching limited budgets.

Systems are already available from Knapp, SAP and Ubimax which include a smart-glasses display, a camera, a wearable PC and a battery pack to support faster stock picking. There is also ‘vision picking’ software which offers real-time object recognition, bar code reading, and data integration with the warehouse management system. As long ago as 2015, a pilot project by DHL found that smart glasses and augmented reality systems can lead to a 25% efficiency increase during the picking process, with further increases expected in the near future

92.8% of transport businesses plan to invest in emerging hybrid or battery technology in the next 12 months.

Transport business plan to invest an average 7.2% of revenues in emerging technologies — the most of any sector.