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Established in 2014, Bondi Labs is a vision-based technology company. Our first projects included 3D simulation training games aimed at improving biosecurity inspection skills across a wide spectrum of occupations including smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia, government biosecurity inspectors, and frontline workers at seaports, airports, and warehouses.


Our mission is to develop vision-based AI solutions that increase productivity and reduce waste by automating product quality and food safety control in the $US400B global meat processing industry.

We are initially focused on opportunities in the $US14B Australian red meat processing industry - especially addressing the cost of labour and the impact of human error in food safety control, packing, and labeling of meat products.

NOTE – Product Quality in Meat Processing includes not only Meat Quality but also Food Safety, Animal Welfare, and Sustainability


Leadership Team

Core Technologies


DragonFly is a vision-based AI platform designed to record, analyse and report on any deviation of a product from established quality standards. Thus improving the speed and efficiency of quality control processes.

DragonFly was developed in partnership with the red meat processing industry to address a range of costly product quality issues across their production line. Issues range from product integrity, product contamination, box mislabelling, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.

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Elixar is a purpose-built remote visual inspection platform designed specifically with, and for, government regulatory auditors, third-party product quality inspectors, and veterinarians.

The platform enables high-definition live video streaming and evidence capture via intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces with smart glasses, mobile devices, fixed cameras, and drones.


Elixar was developed to help address the growing shortage of vets in rural areas needed to provide effective animal health and welfare services to the Australian livestock industry.



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