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About Us

Bondi Beach

Where it all began

One of the most iconic names in Australia and visited daily by travellers from all over the globe, Bondi Beach was where the vision of Bondi Labs was first formed.

Bondi was our home and would identify us internationally as Aussies. The name Labs was chosen to reflect our ambition to experiment and be objective in our decision making.


Masters of Simulation

In 2014 we moved to Brisbane. Here we would quickly grow our team and build all sorts of interactive simulations. From Optometry to Engineering, from Aged Care to Biosecurity we did it all and even expanded into VR.

South Melbourne

Augmenting Intelligence

In 2018 we converted our Melbourne studio into our new HQ. In Melbourne we began experimenting with AR, smart glasses, ML, edge devices and how we could connect them all to improve productivity, business intelligence and cut red tape.

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