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Biosecurity Control

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Awareness, Biosecurity


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The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment asked us to build for them a broad simulation of the department's duties. The aim was to increase internal awareness of the duties and responsibilities of the department and the difficulty in managing these. In consultation with the Department, Bondi Labs developed Biosecurity Control.

Biosecurity Control is a game that tasks the player with protecting Australia's environment from imported pests and diseases. From fire ants and stink bugs, to African swine fever and cucumber mosaic virus, there is a wide range of threats that will arrive on your doorstep. It's your job to ensure they are identified, damage to the environment is minimised, and good governance is maintained.

To succeed you will need to balance your investments against your funding, manage the distribution of your response teams, and select good policy responses to emergent risks. Plus there's the added layer of public confidence, if you lose too much of it then it's game over.


Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

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