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Crop Management Simulator


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Training, Biosecurity, Pest Management


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After the success of Plant Doctor, CABI was interested in how a similar product could explore the challenges of being a farm advisor. In this role, you must develop a strategy to prevent pests and diseases from destroying a farmer's crops.  A range of problems from insects and mites to fungi, bacteria and viruses will need to be defeated using your arsenal of control methods!

You have a range of cultural, physical, biological and chemicals control methods to combat these pests and diseases. All control methods have their strengths and weaknesses, and can interact with each other in helpful or harmful ways. Choose your control methods wisely, because you only have a limited budget at your disposal…

Behind the fun is an accurate simulation of the characteristics of hundreds of pests and diseases on many globally important crops. These pests and diseases will behave in the simulation as they do in reality. The range of host crops is realistic and the seasonal timing of pest attacks is modelled on real data. Changing weather patterns add to the challenge.


CABI  (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

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