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Training, Biosecurity, Occupational Health & Safety, Health

VR, AR, Android, iOS, Windows, Browser

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Together with our partners Bondi Labs designed and built a multiplatform app that could serve high quality training simulations and connect back to a custom LMS for performance tracking. 

While Kuube can serve training of any type, it currently offers more than 50 modules in the areas of logistics OH&S, office OH&S, aged care support and biosecurity inspection. Across this suite over 100 simulated scenarios scaffold the learning experience from introducing theory and concepts, before training and assessing a user in a simulated environment.

Seeing the potential for added immersion Bondi Labs added VR support in recent years, allowing users to face high risk scenarios directly and better demonstrate their skills in the simulated workplace.


Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment 

\\ Bunnings  \\  University of the Sunshine Coast  \\  Chevron

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