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Quarantine Hero


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Training, Biosecurity, Pest Management

VR, Android, iOS, Windows

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Barrow Island, off the Pilbara coast of Western Austrlia, is an "A-class" reserve, the highest level of conservation protection available for Crown land in Australia. Home to endangered species and a breeding ground for endangered turtles, it is here that Chevron sought to build one of the world's largest natural gas projects. 

Approval was provided by the government on the condition that the ecology and biodiversity of the island was protected through stringent control measures. One such measure is the use of Inspectors at all entry points that maintain a Terrestrial and Marine Quarantine Mangement System (QMS). This system aims to both detect and prevent the introduction of non-indigenous pests and to control and eradicate such pests if detected. 

To manage the risks associated with the QMS, Chevron sought a tool to measure and track it's inspectors skills. They reached out to Bondi Labs to develop a simulation whereby inspectors can demonstrate their skills and management can identify areas for improvement.

In Quarantine Hero it is your job to inspect items that are being brought to Barrow Island and find any Quarantine Risk Material (QRM) that may be attached or hiding within. From seeds to spiders and everything in between, you will need to search inside and out to be sure you find them all.



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